About us

About us

Welcome to our new webshop. We are happy to offer you our unique and custom jewellery collection.

Almas Jewellery (Fancy BVBA) is located in the heart of Antwerp Belgium where you’ll find one of the largest diamonds Exchanges ever.

Fancy has been known for its unique elegant custom Jewellery designs and creations since 1993.  Fancy offers some of the best creative minds in the business to design and create your specialised custom jewellery needs.

Our experts have approximately 34 years of experience and are ambitious, passionate and committed to give you the best designs and creations. Our diamonds are handpicked to give you the best selections for your own personalised items.

Give us the honor to design and create a unique item piece that will leave an ever lasting impression on your loved ones.

Almas Jewellery (Fancy BVBA) | Antwerp

The Diamond Exchange | Antwerp

We handpick our diamonds